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Frequently Asked Questions

What can physiotherapy do for me?

If you are hurt, we can help. The expertise of a well trained doctor of Physiotherapy can help in many ways. Your Physiotherapy specialist applies research and proven techniques to help effectively prevent and treat a variety of injuries and chronic conditions. Your therapy clinician will educate you about your condition and teach you how to manage and overcome it. A path to your recovery will be skillfully mapped out. Your physiotherapist will prescribe exercises that are specific to the nature and severity of your condition. This will help to restore your strength, mobility and relieve pain. Your therapy specialist can help you MOVE PAIN FREE.

We at the Paragon Clinic care for many patients who are self referred as well as professional athletes and employee of major governmental, non-governmental and diplomatic organizations such as The African Union and it's embassies, Economic commission for Africa (ECA), United Nations, UNICEF, WFP, The American, German, Italian, French, Vatican, UK, Kuwait Embassy, USAID, British council, MIDROC, Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Shipping Lines and Ethiopian Government Employees to list a few.

We will do everything we can to make your sessions with us pain free.

Unless you come from an organization where we have an agreement to care for their patients and bill the organization later, you as a patient are expected to cover the cost of your treatment and get reimbursed from your employer or insurance company. We at the Paragon Clinic will be happy to furnish you with billing documents and medical certificates if need be. Please make sure to talk to our front office managers to help you clarify the fee involved with your care at Paragon Clinic.

The first step to successful medical care and recovery is a complete evaluation and diagnosis. The evaluation will include an examination of your muscles, test of your joints, and assessment of your injury or condition. At this time a diagnosis, education about your condition and an initial plan of care will be given. The evaluation is then followed by treatment. The doctor of physiotherapy can perform manual therapy by mobilizing tissue and joints, using modalities, trigger points, intra-articular injections and more procedures to allow for a rapid and more complete recovery. You can also expect your clinician to prescribe a personalized exercise regime to be done in the clinic and at home. These exercises will help to restore your strength and function. The key to your complete and sustainable recovery is a team approach: the physiotherapist, the rehab nurses and you.

The body does not change overnight. It can take a number of weeks to stretch, strengthen and retrain. You may need one visit or you may need several months of treatment depending upon your condition. Your physiotherapy clinician will recommend how long you will be treated. Usually, by the second treatment, your physical medicine clinician can give you a good estimate of how many visits it will take to get you back in action.

The Paragon Clinics offers quality and western standard physiotherapy and Sports Medicine care, and a highly- skilled manual approach to treating painful tissue and joints. Our approach gets our patients moving faster and ensures a more complete, sustainable recovery. We pride ourselves with our superb level of care and have a passion for getting the BEST RESULTS for the people we serve!

Please bring a letter of guarantee (if your organization has a contract with our clinic), results and actual films of any Imaging you have done such as MRI, X-Ray, CT-Scan, bone density testes and EMG tests. Also bring payment for your 1st visit. Please download, complete and bring the medical history intake form found on this site. They can be time consuming, but they are necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows us to expose the body part we are examining. It is best if you bring shorts if we are examining your back or lower extremities. Finally, we ask that you come fifteen minutes early to your appointment time so the front desk and your clinician can review your paperwork.

You will be evaluated and treated by your physiotherapy specialist. Each visit you can expect to receive a one-on-one treatment by your therapy specialist. During your treatment sessions you will also see a licensed Rehabilitation nurse, primarily to teach and help you perform exercises prescribed by your therapist. Your total treatment time is about 60 minutes, sometimes longer or shorter based on your individual needs.

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows us to expose the body part we are examining. It is best if you bring shorts if we are looking at your back or any joint below the back

Yes. One of our primary responsibilities is to teach you what you need to do at home to manage your condition. Think of how much time you spend at work. Exercise works! Your prescribed home exercises are designed to keep you moving forward