Be Physically prepared for work

Our bodies are incredibly adaptable. When we work in a physical job, our body adapts to the specific tasks and physical demands of that job over time. When we have not been doing these tasks, we de-condition to them. Think of a runner taking weeks off training. They’d need to build up slowly when they returned. Running shorter distances first helps the body cope and build up a physical tolerance to running. This is what workers in all sectors will need to do. Start by preparing your body for the tasks you are going to need to do at work. This may involve increasing your physical activity, spending more time on your feet, or practicing some squatting and lifting.

When you start work it is a good idea to continue to exercise daily, even if the intensity drops slightly at first. Keeping up this good habit will help protect against aches and pains, keeping you fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

Seek help for aches and pains early on. The earlier you get the right advice, the better. Leaving problems to worsen before you seek help can mean a much longer recovery. This could also lead to time off work and affect other hobbies that are important to your quality of life.